PageScope Enterprise Suite (PSES) provides you the solutions to empower your business by offering centralised management of accounting, authentication and device information. PageScope Enterprise Suite is the collective term for diverse applications required for the performance of tasks such as management of aggregation and authorisation of devices operating in the office, user-specific panel settings and control and Pull Printing.

The Web-based PSES includes Account Manager, Authentication Manager, My Panel Manager, Net Care Device Manager and My Print Manager, and systematically links applications, integrating and sharing them seamlessly on one server. This results in much easier operation and better-integrated management.



Document volume and aggregation management
Graphic display of aggregation and analytical data provides a ready understanding of the operating status and facilitates studies into efficient device layouts, thereby contributing to TCO reduction.

Workflow Efficiency

User-specific panel settings and control
Panel display can be set as required for each user. Elements such as units of measurement (mm or inches) as well as the display language can be set to suit local requirements, facilitating operation by users of different nationalities.


Simple and secure follow me printing
Printing cannot be initiated unless the user is authenticated, and this eliminates the possibility of unauthorized persons viewing printouts or failure of users to collect printouts.

Centralized management of user authentication
Centralized management of authentication data, function access restrictions and counter data checks enables realization of reduced introduction.


Account Manager

Konica Minolta Cost Accounting Solutions

You can count on Konica Minolta to deliver cost accounting systems that are simple and enable you to monitor, manage, and measure all network document activity from a single point.

PageScope Account Manager

The Account Manager regularly collects counter information from connected devices and aggregates the data into overall output statistics. It is a server application dedicated to centralized management of aggregate information.


  • User, Device and Project-based Output reports
  • Setting of Out Budgets per user or department
  • Automatic Report Scheduling aggregates information at fixed intervals
  • Detailed output ratio analysis for items such as the ratio of colour printing or specific paper sizes
  • Display reports on Website or Export for external usage


Authentication Solutions

Konica Minolta Security & Authentication Solutions

Efficient management and operation with centralised management

PageScope Authentication Manager is an authentication management application that enables user authentication for various devices on the server by centralized management.


Reduces Costs
  • Authenticated printing can curtail unnecessary copying or printing, and eliminate copies or prints that have been left behind by mistake.
  • Costs can be kept down by imposing restrictions on color output.
Reduces Manpower
  • MFP/User management can be centrally controlled through the server resulting in an extensive reduction in manpower.
Improves Security
  • Centrally managed user authentication control and MFP function permissions ensure only authorized users are using authorized devices, thereby strengthening security.


My Panel Manager

My Panel Manager

Usability Enhancement and Consistency

My Panel Manager gives users the ability to individually customise the contents and settings of the operation panels of bizhub devices. Besides creating shortcuts, custom menus and individual settings, they can create a private address book to follow them to any compatible device they want to operate.


  • Centralised Personal Panel Settings
  • Centralised Personal Address Books
  • Default Profiles for newly added users
  • Mandatory Profiles
  • “Follow-me Panel”


  • Simplifies Language Settings
  • Prevents Transmission Errors
  • No More Waiting to Use a Device

My Print Manager

My Print Manager

PageScope My Print Manager

My Print Manager enhances printing security and flexibility by the simple “Follow-Me Print” mechanism. Once printed to the My Print Manager module inside the PageScope Enterprise Suite Server, documents can be released from any managed device.


Job List

Each user is able to check all their active jobs via the Web interface or using the device panel.
With the Web-based interface, documents can be searched and refined for specific criteria such as user or document names

Job Limitations
  • Administrators are able to apply certain limitations in order to keep the overall job number or job amount in the server under control.
  • The Administrator can apply limits by individual user or by user group.
Auto-Job Deletion
  • Administrators can set a time limit on how long jobs will be available for printing.
  • After this “job-expiry” has passed, the job will be deleted automatically from the system, making space for new jobs.
No More Waiting

Printing can commence after authentication on any centrally managed MFP, which means no more waiting for the nearest device to become available

Cost Reductions

Output data and print setting changes can be defined on the MFP panel, which helps to lower printing costs by reducing misprints and unnecessary printing.

Enhanced Security

As MFP output requires authentication, the risk of information leaks resulting from documents being left behind or mistakenly taken by others, is greatly reduced, resulting in enhanced security.

Net Care Device Manager

PageScope Net Care Device Manager

Konica Minolta Device Management Solutions

Net Care Device Manager is an application that simplifies MFP setup and routine maintenance. It allows system administrators to efficiently create initial settings for devices manages by PSES, and streamline s device control.


  • Automatic devices discovery and registration
  • Devices status at a glance, such as paper jams and toner levels
  • Combines both Konica Minolta bizhub devices and NON Konica Minolta devices from other manufacturers in a single interface for simple management.
  • Quick deployment of settlings from one to multiple devices
  • Organise device fleet, including competitor’s devices and networked printers, confirmable via Web browser


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